Exterior Toyota Yaris Features Emphasize Sporty Fun

The exterior styling of the popular Toyota Yaris subcompact car is tailor-made for drivers who don't mind being noticed on the road. The body of the Yaris features a streamlined silhouette that competes with the best European sports models, beautifully accented by a sporty race-inspired honeycomb grille.

Both views of the front and rear end of the Toyota Yaris are also meant to raise a few eyebrows. Integrated fog lights positioned at the front end of the Yaris not only contribute to its sporty styling but also increases the driver's visibility when weather conditions worsen, adding an element of increased safety. Very cool looking LED headlights turn on and off automatically, consuming less energy yet delivering brighter light.

If the pricetag of a European sports car doesn't match your budget, come visit our Toyota showroom to take the Toyota Yaris out for a spin. You'll fall in love.



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