What are the Headlights Like on a Toyota 4Runner?

Since the inception of the automobile, night driving has been an issue. Beginning with kerosene lamps with slit openings, headlight designs have come a long way. Modern safety standards have brought several different configurations. Toyota chose a set of lights that provide visibility for both the driver and for drivers of other vehicles.

For headlights, Toyota chose the projector headlight design over regular headlights for a reason. While driving around during dark hours, it is imperative to see what is before you. Unlike regular headlights that are focused by the lens, the projector headlight focuses on an array of reflectors. Thus, the problem of chip or headlight penetration is alleviated.

At Classic Toyota Galveston, we service and repair projector headlights to make sure you can see what is before you at all times. As an advanced technology, it is vital that you visit us with any projector headlight issues.



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