Toyota Land Cruiser: Drive Far Without Worries

Driven by a 5.7 L V8 engine block, the new Toyota Land Cruiser has excellent off-road and towing capabilities. Spacious enough for up to eight people, this full-size SUV is available for a test drive at Classic Toyota Galveston.

According to standard towing criteria, the new Land Cruiser is strong enough to handle a trailer weight of 8,100 pounds. The Trailer Sway Control is an advanced feature that prevents instability during towing. A hitch receiver with a wiring harness guarantees a secure connection for extended trips.

This powerful Toyota SUV has four-piston front brakes and two-piston rear brakes that perform well in tough conditions. A hydraulic boosting system improves the performance of these heavy-duty brakes. Additional braking assistance is issued by the Star Safety System, which includes a handful of standard active safety installations. Additionally, this robust model has a power-steering system that's sensitive to the readings on the speedometer.



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