Safety and Low Gas Mileage in the Toyota Prius

Are you looking for a compact hybrid that also has some great safety features? If so, you should look at the Toyota Prius. This popular compact hybrid has alerts built into the vehicle that will keep you from colliding with other vehicles.

If you've ever noticed that you've veered out of your lane, you'll like the lane-departure alert. It detects when you're leaving the marked lanes on the road. It will even make minor adjustments for you if you're only modestly drifting. This vehicle can also detect when you're about to hit something or someone in front of you. It will apply the brakes to lessen the damage to your vehicle and the person or object.

We all want our vehicles to be a little bit safer. With the Toyota Prius, you can have the safety you want in a popular compact vehicle that provides low gas mileage.



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