Have you Serviced Your Toyota After Your Summer Travels

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Summer is officially behind us here in Galveston, TX. As we enjoy the changing of seasons, it is wise to remember about the health and well-being of your Toyota car, truck, or SUV, especially after your summer travels. Keeping up to date with routine vehicle maintenance is essential in order to receive every last mile out of your Toyota investment and when you visit the service center at Classic Toyota of Galveston, you can count on our service team to provide you with all your vehicle needs and requirements.

Our certified Toyota technicians will change and rotate your tires, change your oil, flush your transmission, repair you’re a/c, replace your battery or repair your brakes. We cover all the essentials needed for a safe and reliable commute, and we can assure you professional and timely service upon your arrival. Schedule service with Classic Toyota of Galveston and experience the longevity that your Toyota vehicle is capable of!


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