Toyota Lineup Gets Cooler with Addition of 2018 C-HR

What an exciting time in history to be alive! Big changes are shaking the world to its core, challenging our preconceived notions—like the notion that Toyota is a "boring" brand. Yes, Galveston, it's true. We are eyewitnesses to the days when Toyota becomes cool.

With the introduction of the 2017 Toyota 86, the lineup finally has its first sports coupe since the Celica. Following on its heels is another coupe... of a sort.

The Coupe High-Rider, or 2018 Toyota C-HR, is not a coupe at all, but a four-door crossover utility vehicle. It is compact in size, resembling a hatchback with a taller stance. And it is sparking enthusiasm that will have your hairs standing on end.

The design team and engineers worked together to bring to life a vision of cutting-edge style and razor-sharp handling. The exterior is bold, and modern, with an aggressively athletic stance. Behind the wheel, drivers are delighted by its responsive Nürburgring-tuned suspension and steering.

Visit our showroom, and experience it for yourself.

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