Don’t Forget to Change the Fluid in Your Vehicle

The easiest maintenance to be performed on your car is checking and topping off your fluids. There are several one to check. They each provide for different functions but are all important in their own way for your car to function and continue functioning properly.

The first and main one is the engine oil. This oil is very easy to check. Pull the dipstick from the reservoir (if you question the location, refer to owner’s manual). There will be indicator lines - Low & Full. Make sure the oil is somewhere in between the lines.

Transmission fluid is next on our list. Transmission fluid functions in a closed system, meaning it should never be low but it should still be checked. If this is low, it could cause serious issues.

Brake fluid is pretty self-explanatory. This fluid provides your brake system with the proper component to stop and slow down how you need.

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