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Toyota Tacoma: Wild Nights

Who says you need some hoity-toity sedan to have a fun night on the town? From watching the stars from its ample cargo bed to midnight cruises to your favorite vista, the new Toyota Tacoma is the ideal vehicle for all aspects of your life. And when the sun rises, it's always ready for a day of adventure.

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Toyota, Go Safely

The 2017 Toyota lineup has five IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK+ for the Corolla, RAV4, Prius, Highlander, and Yaris iA. These vehicles utilize the TSS advanced technologies to keep you and your passengers safer than ever.

One important TSS feature is the Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection. This specific safety feature is an integrated camera and radar system that is designed to reduce the risk of collision with a preceding car or pedestrian.

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Toyota Lineup Gets Cooler with Addition of 2018 C-HR

What an exciting time in history to be alive! Big changes are shaking the world to its core, challenging our preconceived notions—like the notion that Toyota is a "boring" brand. Yes, Galveston, it's true. We are eyewitnesses to the days when Toyota becomes cool.

The Coupe High-Rider, or 2018 Toyota C-HR, is not a coupe at all, but a four-door crossover utility vehicle. It is compact in size, resembling a hatchback with a taller stance. And it is sparking enthusiasm that will have your hairs standing on end.

The design team and engineers worked together to bring to…

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Toyota Gives the 2018 Camry a Personality Makeover

The Toyota Camry has always been a very practical, very adult car. It's the sort of car you buy when you have kids, and need to trade your sporty car for something with a high safety rating that doesn't waste gas.

Now entering its eighth generation, it's time for the Camry to get a personality adjustment. The upcoming 2018 model, completely redesigned, is still safe, reliable, and more efficient than ever... but with exhilarating handling, it no longer feels like a compromise.

The 2018 Camry is built on a new, more rigid platform, and sports an all-new…

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Notice Signs of a Bad Vehicle Battery

Responding to the first signs of a failing battery can save your day from getting wasted on the side of the road having to get someone to help you. When your car is off, it is getting powered all by the battery. After the ignition turns off, the generator converts a some of the engine's power into electricity. The battery in your vehicle powers your radio, lights, dashboard, trip computer media center, and all of the other possible electrical options equipped in your car...

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Smart Safety Driving Points to Consider

When getting out on the road traveling to whatever destination you have, safety really isn't on your mind, but it should be. There are many drivers that are traveling on the road, and you cannot guarantee that they are going to be driving safely. Be sure to limit your distractions while on your travels, and focus on the road ahead and always stay attentive.

You may follow some safe driving practices, but there are many people who could use a few tips to help them stay safer on the road...

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2017 Toyota 860 Special Edition Upgrade Makes a Performance Roadster of 2017 Toyota 86

Toyota wowed yet again with a March 13 press release out of Torrance, CA promising some cool new upgrades to 2017 Toyota 86. They'll take the form of a limited-minting, late-March release, called the 860 Special Edition, and we at Classic Toyota are revving our engines in anticipation.

There's already much to love in the sporty 2017 Toyota 86 base…

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